Evan Coury Professional Programmer

Zend Certified Engineer - Zend Framework Zend Certified Engineer - PHP 5.3

Evan Coury

Senior Software Architect & Consultant | Gilbert, Arizona, United States

+1 (480) 382-6776 | me@evancoury.com

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Over eight years of programming, development, and management experience; seven years of which have been professional, fast-paced, and high-demand. Notable strengths include strong experience in project management, team and individual development, outstanding motivation, innovative problem solving, as well as excellent written and verbal communication skills.



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Other Qualifications

Experience (In reverse chronological order by end-date.)

Contract / Freelance

Software Architect & Consultant 10/2012 - Present

Manage large scale software projects for mutliple clients, successfully managing development teams and sys admin staff. Provide one-on-one advice on software architecture and design decisions. Handle hiring and talent aquisition, as well as training of new developers and team integration. Successfully keep projects on-time as well as on-budget.

MediaTech Designs, LLC

Owner, Web Development Manager 05/2001 - Present

Design and develop various websites and web-based applications as business ventures as well as for a wide variety of clients. Manage employees to successfully meet goals and deadlines, satisfy clients, and generate a solid revenue stream for the company.
Launched and operate a large-scale SMS gateway service, SMSCloud.com, which powers many of the large SMS service providers on the web.

Southwest Medical and Rehab, Inc.

Web Development Manager 06/2008 - 10/2012

Developed, maintained, and managed a complex, custom e-commerce platform for multiple high-traffic, high-revenue e-commerce websites built on Zend Framework 1. Provided one-on-one web development training and consulting. Successfully managed design/development staff to meet deadlines. Developed an innovative, one-of-a-kind wheelchair parts shopping platform that has revolutionized the way people around the world get parts for their wheelchairs and other durable medical equipment. Led and managed the development of a new, open source e-commerce platform built on Zend Framework 2. Websites worked on include SouthwestMedical.com and Quickie-Wheelchairs.com.

Glynlyon, Inc. Learning Companies

Software Engineer 12/2004 - 06/2008

Introduced and implemented open source technologies to the companies. Provided personalized, one-on-one PHP training and consulting to superiors and co-workers while assuming various development roles among the subsidiary companies (see below).

OdysseyWare, Inc. (Glynlyon, Inc. Subsidiary)

Software Engineer 07/2005 - 06/2008

Worked successfully in small teams to create and implement new, innovative ideas and solutions. Created advanced Flash applications, tools, and games. Created dynamic games, videos, and other dynamic learning activities to enhance web-based K-12 curriculum. Developed web-based tools to help curriculum authors be more efficient. Created advanced, interactive, web-based user interfaces for various online products.

Alpha Omega Publications, Inc. (Glynlyon, Inc. Subsidiary)

Software Engineer 12/2004 - 07/2005

Assisted converting an inefficient ASP website to a successful, PHP-driven website (see www.aop.com and connected sites). Assisted with HTML/CSS Design. Developed many miscellaneous PHP applications to increase efficiency of the website(s).

Future Business Leaders of America-Phi Beta Lambda

Competitive Event Judge 04/2008 - 06/2008

Appointed judge for the following events at the 2008 Arizona FBLA State Leadership Conference: Web Site Development, Help Desk, and Public Speaking II. Appointed judge for E-Business and Web Site Development events at the 2008 FBLA National Leadership Conference in Atlanta, GA.

OpenReaction Hosting Solutions, Inc.

Web Developer (telecommuting contractor) 07/2006 - 05/2008

Created a custom, proprietary "Network Operations Center" (N.O.C.) software to manage the operations, handle emergencies, and remotely administrate a complex, high-speed network of dedicated servers in a state of the art data center. Developed a custom, proprietary live sales chat solution with advanced features to allow sales representatives to respond to customers from their mobile phones. Create and maintain a collection of web-based tools to assist in the operations of the hosting company.

CBS Radio, Inc.

Software Engineer 08/2007 - 02/2008

Created new, innovative web-based advertising solutions to increase revenue. Developed voting system and custom Youtube player with integrated voting buttons for the "So You Think You're a Star?" singing competition. Planned and executed the development and deployment of all new radio station web sites.

MMG Enterprises, LLC (now MPI Innovations, Inc)

Web Developer (on-site contractor) 04/2006 - 12/2006

Created custom PHP back-end for subscription-based website, utilizing CC-Bill credit card processing. Developed proprietary, web-based photo gallery management software. Handled HTML/CSS design aspects of web projects.

Education and Accomplishments

Desert Hills High School

NCA Accredited Charter School, Gilbert, AZ

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